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What is Kayanmata?

Kayanmata is originally from Northern Nigeria and it translates to “women’s things”. Kayan Mata is made with potions or herbs that serve as love or sex enhancers and aphrodisiacs.

For years now, Kayanmata is made from the mix and blend of fruits, spices, and herbs – and is used to heighten and stimulate the sexual feelings of one’s partner.

Importance & Effectiveness Of Kayan Mata Products?

Originally, they are used by married women to spice up sexual relations but now, the products are ever increasing amongst single ladies too. Some even attract attention from rich men.


Three states sell the best Kayamata products:

  • Sokoto
  • Kebbi
  • Katsina and more

Kayamata products range from perfumes to sweeteners, sex drops, lubricants, sweets, zuman mata/maza (woman’s honey), etc.

Women who find it difficult to get turned on during foreplay can chew Kayan mata sweets during the day when they are sure they will get laid at night. This creates a tingling sensation for the woman.

The most popular Kaya Mata products are:

  • Tsumi and
  • Kunun Aya.

Tsumi: is a mix of camerl’s milk and Kayan Mata herb and its effect is very potent/strong.

Kunun Aya: is a juice derived from Tiger nuts and is drunk by a man to boost his performance.


Types Of Herbal Medicine

In Aphrodisiac Herbal Medicine, there are many types, we have

Vagina Tightening – It will tighten your vagina and make it be like a virgin’s own.

Vagina sweetening – Thriples the sensation for both you and your partner. Una two go dey vibrate untop bed!

Favour Oil – Men will favour you wherever you go

Vagina Upgrade – For Women whose men/boyfriend complains of “not being tight again”. It is available in both soap and cream.

Kayan Mata Ingredients

Some of the ingredients include the use of dabino (dates), natural honey, some plants, goro (kolanut) and others.

Health implications of Adodun/Kayanmata

Since Kayan Mata is forumualated from fruits, herbs and natural spices, it is healthy and MOSTLY SAFE. There have been arguments that Kayan mata products die men down without their consent or inducuing possessiveness. This points to the use of Juju/voodoo in the making. Although, most sellers claim that this is not true, it I best to take note now.


If you plan on using Kayan Mata to enjoy knocking better, we advise being careful with your sources and what exactly makes up the ingredients.

What We Do

We provide herbal formulas and products that enhances your sexual life.

We can help you with some of the following:

  • Tighten your vagina Naturally
  • Upgrade your Loose Vagina
  • Help you last longer in bed as a man
  • Make Your Vagina wet before sex so it can sweeter
  • Fix Your pre-mature ejaculation
  • Make your stick to your Pussy Only
  • Increase your sexual Drive
  • Reverse Low Sperm Score & Help You Get Pregnant

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